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Small Business Registry

SBR Story

Small Business Registry™ was developed in efforts to generate more contracts and procurement opportunities for small businesses from federal agencies. When our parent company was certified on the GSA Schedule, we presumed the Federal doors would open to business relationships and contracting profits. Very soon, we realized there were many small businesses like ours who are struggling in this area to get federal business.

During a Vendor Outreach Session with the Department of Transportation, a CIO made phenomenal comments on how a small business should differentiate itself with new ideas and innovations. There started the thought process for SBR. Realizing the small business liaison (OSDBU) is the initial point of contact for many small businesses, we began to think of ways to reduce the overwhelming mechanism to track and manage small businesses. Allowing effective identification, Small Business Registry fills these gaps and creates a formidable marketplace for innovative small businesses.

SBR is web based application which stores capability statements and offers superior search functionality. In today's era of open and fair policies for supporting the small business, this product is the right tool for small business liaisons, OSDBUs, SADBUs, and contracting officers.