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Small Business Registry


What is SBR?
Small Business Registry™ is a forum which effectively connects small businesses with various Federal and State agencies as well as large corporations. SBR is a web based application which manages the small business capability statements, storing them in a centralized location and provides superior and accurate search features for indentifying the small business based on the actual content of the Capability Statement.

Why should I upload the Capability Statement at SBR?
Capability statement is basically the only marketing material which is accepted by the small business Liaison, OSDBU or any small busin¬ess officer. During any Vendor outreach session the OSDBU asks you to provide him/her with a capability statement. If you provide a hard copy it most likely goes in a filing folder cabinet or lost in email clutter. SBR allows you to register your capability statement on a centralized web based platform which is searchable based on the keywords in the capability statement and viewed in its original form. Next time you meet any OSDBU you can request him to locate your company on SBR rather than just hand handing him your capability statement.

What are the benefits of a uploading the capability statement?
Capability statement being the main marketing material for your company it is always advisable that it is uploaded on a central web server. When you register at Central Contractor Registry (CCR.GOV) the system allows you to enter only limited keywords. Your information as a specific search at CCR may not get desired results. SBR advance search engine parses your Capability statement and makes and the words in your capability statement available for a complex search.

What formats should I upload the capability statements?
Capability statement should be prepared and submitted by DOC, DOCX or editable PDF formats. Files such as PNG, JPG, cannot be parsed for valid data and may not generate results for your capability statement.

Why is DNB number mandatory for registration?
DUNS number is your company's social security number. The way Social Security numbers allow you to check your personal credit history, your DUNS number determines your company's credit record and your PAYDEX score. All federal buyers require you to have a DUNS number before you can do business with these agencies. If you don't have a DUNS number you can get one for free when your business involves federal contracting by going to

How will you promote my capability statement with the actual buyer?
SBR doesn't promote any capability statements, but it is a central registry for storing and searching the Capability statements. SBR is designed as a product which could be licensed to various state and federal agencies. When an agency procure this user license, SBR gladly provides them with available small business capability statement which instantly avail the power of the software and a matured database.

How are you different from Central Contractor Registry (CCR)?
SBR is not a competing product with CCR, instead it complements and co exists with CCR. Various of SBR's features doesn't not exist with CCR such SBR the ability to quickly identify your company. Some key features of SBR include uploading of Capability statements, powerful and advance search feature that not only searches for the information in within the metadata but also searches the information from the actual capability statement. SBR has more advanced view features and email deliverability which supports small business officers in getting your capability statements to the end user. SBR can also be customized to blend with the agency's web design, making it a part of your federal agencies' website.

Do you conduct any webinars or sessions on effective ways to do business with the federal and state government?
SBR is a web forum which connects the small business with the federal agencies. As a part of the education campaign, SBR regularly conducts informative seminars. Our popular webinars include "Effective ways of doing business with federal and state government", "How to write an effective capability statement", "How to prepare for a Vendor outreach session or a small business event". Details on these webinars are regularly posted on our website http://www.smallbusinessregistry.com. We at SBR strongly believe in social media networking and sharing important information. Join the conversation on Linkedin, Twitter and facebook.

Who uses SBR?
SBR is a web forum and an important audience of small businesses who are striving to get business from the buyers.
Our buyer audience includes advocates from:
• Federal Agencies
• State, County and Local governments
• Local SBA Offices
• Large Prime Contractors
• Regional Economic Development Corporations
• Chamber of Commerce
• Small and Minority Businesses Owners and Developers

Is your data and network secure?
Our parent company, Concept Software & Services, Inc., securely manages and monitors all data and transactions of SBR. We understand the importance of data security and maintain state of art servers, firewalls and other networking equipments.

Do I pay to register my capability statement?
Registering of your capability statement at SBR is an easy process and it is absolutely free for any small business with valid DUNS number.