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Small Business Registry

Who We Are

Small Business Registry™ is a new and exciting product category not to be ignored. We strongly believe by allowing a centralized location for storing and retrieving capability statements we make your day-to-day job relevant, simple and convenient. SBR takes the trouble of managing the capability statement by storing them in a centralized location and letting you retrieve them with superior and accurate search features. Being a web based solution, Small Business Registry doesn't take up storage or data on your computer system. Unlike some well-known document management systems, SBR does not require any client side software to be installed on your system.

Small Business Registry is a complementing forum beyond the federal ccr.gov. Offering greater search and access features, SBR readily help officers identify small businesses and simplify contact for agencies communication via email deliverability. We change the way capability statements are managed and make the process a less cumbersome chore, more efficient, and effective.

Small Business Registry gives you more time to interact with the small businesses themselves and assist their understanding of federal marketing.

Ravindra Bhave - Chief Executive Officer
Ravindra is a successful entrepreneur who has built Information Technology companies with niche solutions and services to private companies and government agencies. He strongly believes the right IT tools, when introduced in an environment, saves human capital and increases productivity. In his impressive background, Ravi has built the software training companies Midwest Software Pvt Ltd. and Intouch Solutions Pvt Ltd. Garnering millions in revenue and record percentage savings for India's international telecomm industry, he currently sits on the board of Averon Bionics Inc. which provides repairs and solutions for the Medical Electronics Industry.

Ravi is a strong promoter of web based and open-source applications. He is confident Small Business Registry is the right tool for state and federal agencies small business development.

Phani Venkata - Chief Architect
Phani has created solutions in the web content management and document management areas for large corporations such as Hewlett Packard, Constellation Energy Group and federal agencies. His passion and in-depth knowledge on Open Source products has helped to develop the Small Business Registry application in a record time. He firmly believes a web based tool with a great graphical user interface (GUI) always saves time and efforts. Phani has developed large scale systems on Vignette, Alfresco and Liferay, that ranged from high traffic content-driven websites to large document management applications. He holds a Masters in Information Systems from Osmania University.

Nakia Roberson - Director of Marketing
Nakia has overseen marketing and brand development for divisions of multimedia, energy and technology. Her marketing expertise has amassed millions in global trade and e-commerce for Fortune 500's such as GE Corporation. As Director of Marketing for Starry Eyes Publications, a leading trend and lifestyle publisher, Nakia proposed strategies for market potential and profitability of publications and media productions. Her savvy for market segmentation, content writing and social media community building will enhance Small Business Registry user activity and creative campaign. Educated at Mercer University's Stetson School of Business and Economics, Nakia's knowledge has been sourced by companies such as Showtime Networks, Georgia Equality, Max West Media and CBS Radio.